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Welcome to a newer look of the site. A lot of time and thought is going into this version of the site, so I really hope you enjoy your stay here.
...And yes, I dared to use pink on this design.

I had decided to bring new life into how the HIM-Addicts site should be available. I wanted to main 'social network' aspect of the site private for members only but still have core content about who the band is, etc. to non-members of the site. To do this, I am resurrecting pages I had created at one time for my Dark Light site. With this new design, I'll be bringing back my lyrics pages. I have seen some sites where the lyrics aren't 'accurate'. The pages of lyrics here are since I referenced the booklets from the cds & typed them out rather than use other sites & copy what they have posted.

I will be working on bringing all the core content about the band to surface once again as time allows me. ;) Thank you for your patience.

Now as most of you know, I had created this site to pay honour to an amazing band- HIM, as well as making this site available to the awesome fans. It is the magic of HIM that keeps me inspired to continue this site- so this site is for the guys & for you- the visitor.

This site & any other sites or pages associated with this site (made by me- Magik), are in no way, shape or form connected to the band, any of the band members, Heartagram.com, or any other entities associated with HIM, their label (past, present & future) or their management.
I cannot stress this one enough.
Please take a moment to review my About/ Disclaimer page, since the information on those pages have been updated &/ or changed.

To navigate through the site, use the links on the bar above & the images below the header.
Some of the images below the main header will change & may change in order. ;)

- Join us: Want a HIM 'social network' experience? Come join us at HIM-Addicts.
We are the first and only of our kind.

- About/ Disclaimer: Basic information that explains to you that I have no association with the band.
This page also covers what this site is about & why it was created.

- Terms Of Membership: This is rules/ guidelines for being a member of the Addicts site.
- Privacy Policy: My promise that I never share or sell your information. ;)
- Contact: My own email, the HIM-Addicts Twitter & more are listed here.
- Magik's PTU Kits: I design digital kits. Some people buy them. Here they are. =P
- Back: This will bring you back to this page, in case you get lost. ;)

- HIM-Addicts: (image) Quick access for members of the site.

- Forum: (image) For people who wish to join a forum without the social networking. ;)
- Facebook: (image) You can 'Like' our page on Facebook.

- Biography: (image) This area covers a brief but thorough biography of the band
as well as each of the band members. This is currently being worked on.

- Discography: (image) The discography lists all releases by HIM to date. This is currently being worked on.

* I would like to give a shout-out & thank you to all who stop by. This site wouldn't exist without your continued support, so 'Thank You' again. With that said, I welcome you to a new version of the HIM-Addicts site. I hope you enjoy your visit & come back again. =)
Let the journey begin...
- Magik

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